Website redesign is vital for your business. Why?

Do you need a website redesign? Remember those web 1.0 rudimentary odometer-style visitors? Do you still have one of them? Website design has  evolved since the 1990s. First impressions count, right? Let’s face it, nowadays first impressions count. Websites tell a million stories and one of them is how healthy is your business. Websites reflect the marketing strategy of your company.

True is that as a owner of a small Irish businesses you are not a web design specialists, you are so busy that you have little or no time to maintain or make major design changes website. On the other hand you may have no expertise to recognise that your  website needs a major redesign.

Before you commit with a website redesign company, let me warn you that it is a major task that requires time and money but the benefits that you will reap are enormous for your visitors and your business.

Also, there is a tendency to believe that website redesign means that your branding and all your other graphic elements that you have been using for years need to be changed. Wrong. Website redesign can be functional or strategic.

If you have read far your website probably needs some makeover. Here are some reasons why you your website needs to be redesigned:

  1. Does the design of your website feel outdated? When was the last time you updated your website? OK, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but do your visitor spend enough time online? Studies show that visitors tend to part with their money and trust websites that are better designed. Would you shop in a rundown store? Probably not. So why should your visitors?
  2. Is your website working on mobile devices? If your website is not working properly on smartphones and tablets you may be losing customers. If you have and adaptive websites design you should consider upgrading to responsive designs a new technology that will work on all your visitors’ platforms. A separate mobile website may be more expensive to maintain and may have a negative impact on your SEO.
  3. Is your website secure? Many people still do not shop online because they fear that their details may be lost or stolen. Your visitors need to know that you have SSL certificates and trust seal in place. It is essential that your consumers must feel at ease and feel that they can use your online store without consequences.

If you feel that is time to redesign your website, find a good website redesign company to discuss your needs and the needs of your visitors.

Do you need help to redesign your website? Dublin based can help you with:

  • IT consultations
  • e-commerce website development or upgrade
  • implementation of online or booking systems
  • purchase of online advertising
  • digital marketing strategy
  • social media marketing
  • consultation for early stage adopters of online strategy
  • training and skills development.