What is responsive website design? Online shopping is growing and is not only limited to desktops or laptops. Omnichannel is the keyword. Your customers are kings and want to shop on smartphones and tablets.

The mobile commerce is expected to be worth over 24 billion euro in the next years. Is your website responsive? Responsive website design means that you only have one website which will  adapt to all screen sizes regardless of the device that your visitors use. Here are some good reasons why you need a responsive website design:

  1. If your visitors land on a website that is not optimised for mobile viewing there is a big chance that they will leave your website. And most likely shop with your competitors.
  2. According to Google more search than ever before takes place on mobiles and tablets. We all know that right?
  3. Responsive websites are good for your SEO. Google takes responsible websites seriously. And so do your customers.
  4. You need to provide a good browsing experience. Would you return to a restaurant where you did not have a good experience? Most probably not. And so won’t your visitors.
  5. Responsive website design is the future. Why? Technology will always bring innovative products and responsive design will adapt to any new device.

Responsive Website Design

As a part of your successful marketing strategy you should ensure that your website is responsive. You need a website to increases value for your business and your visitors to win new customers and keep existing. If your website is not responsive you can choose from one of the many responsive design templates we have. Dublin based Webdesign365.ie can help you with:

  • IT consultations
  • e-commerce website development or upgrade
  • implementation of online booking systems
  • online advertising
  • digital marketing strategy
  • social media marketing
  • consultation for early stage adopters of online strategy
  • training and skills development.